Nekogami Yaoyorozu

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Nekogami Yaoyorozu

Even in this day and age of the 21st century, many gods live amongst humanity. Mayu is a cat god who is the master at finding lost objects, but she is very lazy and all she does all day is eat, sleep, and play video games. Mayu lives with her caretaker, Yuzu, who operates a pottery store while at the same time doing everything for Mayu. The pair meets other gods in their daily lives and have exciting adventures.
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Alternative Names: Nekoshin Yaoyorozu
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Shoujo Ai Supernatural
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Horie Yui as Komiya Yuzu, Tomatsu Haruka as Mayu, Itou Kanae as Amane, Tanaka Rie as Amaterasu Oomikami, Sanpei Yuuko as Gonta, Nanjou Yoshino as Haruka, Mizuhashi Kaori as Kamo Yukina, Tokunaga Ai as Kuroe, Takagaki Ayahi as Makuragi Yurara, Taketatsu Ayana as Meiko


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