Natsu-iro Kiseki

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Natsu-iro Kiseki

Waking up in the morning, going to school, spending time with friends. These make up the days of four friends. They experience fun and sad things as well, and these days seem to go on forever, until one summer, a wonder happens. This is a story of four girls: Natsumi, a cheerful and frank girl, Saki, who is perfect in both studying and sports, Yuka, who is a fan of the idol group Four Seasons, and Rinko, who loves music. This warm yet refreshing summer-coloured wonder will surely carry you along...
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Alternative Names: Natsuiro Kiseki, Summer-Colored Miracle
Genre: School Life, Slice of Life
Demographic: Seinen
Voices from the music group, Sphere.


Kotobuki Minako as Aizawa Natsumi, Tomatsu Haruka as Hanaki Yuka, Takagaki Ayahi as Mizukoshi Saki, Toyosaki Aki as Tamaki Rinko


Michael Eh?

This more tasteful take on girls on the quest to be idols but you have to wait for practically the whole episode for something to happen. At least, AKB0048 had action from the start (but less palateable premise). This song may have more angst than action fans can stomach and may not be everyone's cup of tea.


I couldn't feel attached to any of the characters, especially the green haired girl who was exclaiming EVERYTHING. I guess the series could get better but I need of a reason to care about the girls.


Felt some emotional connection to the characters, though it seemed as though, it was for a more realism approach. The random magic insert threw me off at the end. Properly won't watch more. Audience aim is more for 10-15 year old girls.


... the sky is blue ...


More little girls... This time the story is OK, the premise is kind of interesting, and the characters are annoying.

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Date Reviewed: June 10 2012

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