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In Edo Era, a granddaughter of the master of a samurai family was going to marry. However, at the moment they were going to celebrate the wedding, she was killed miserably. A druggist said it was the work of a bakeneko, or cat monster. As if prophesied by his words, the other members of the family began to be killed, one after another. The druggist claims to have the means to destroy the bakeneko, but to do so, he must know not only his form but the truth about what he wants and the reason for his appearance. That was when the family's dark secrets begin to surface.
This series continues on with the drugdist adventures.
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Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Drama
Mononoke is based on the Medicine Seller of the "Bake Neko" from the Japanese animated horror series, Ayakashi.



This kind of creepy sotry is something I've seen often enough but the visual style is something else. Japanese woodcut colours are very different from most other anime and the numerous static scenes, half-face closeups and sliding door scene changes complete with a realistic thunk make for a uniquely disturbing viewing experience.

Michael Eh?

The Medicine Seller is no doubt one of the most unusual character designs. Hunting mononoke with the restrictions of also having to know it's form, truth and regret puts this horror classic on par with murder mystery writing. The Medicine Seller becomes the detective and exorsist in this anime where Japanese woodcut style comes alive with Japanese theatre.

The original movie is a classic and this series has become one in itself.


Like everything I watch, I viewed the first episode because Sakurai Takahiro is in the main role. Not quite my style of anime, and I know that the animation will send people packing early, but if you dare to watch the first episode in it entirety, you'll see how the art style works in favour of the story. It adds to the creepy/eerie effect/feel of the story.


Very interesting art style, something like an art noveau Japanese combination. Story telling technique is unique too.


a stylish imagination and surrealistic ghost hunter story.

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Dates Reviewed: Oct 28 & 30, 2007

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