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Kurokami The Animation

Wending his way home after a bender one evening, master moocher and game programmer Keita Ibuki decides to satisfy a craving for ramen at a noodle stand. Instead of slurping soup, though, he surrenders his meal to a manic girl who, unbeknownst to Keita, is a Mototsumitama, a guardian of the coexistence equilibrium. When his new acquaintance is attacked, Keita gets caught in the crossfire and loses an arm. Awakening from the shock of his injury, Keita finds himself back in his apartment... arm intact! But just whose arm is it?! Asking the strange girl raiding his refrigerator reveals only that Keita's life has become a great deal more complicated.
...from Yen Press

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Alternative Names: Black God
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mature, Supernatural, Superpowers
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted form the manga, Black God.


Michael Eh?

Not as creepy as some horror stories but definitely creepy all the same.


The original manga is written in Korean but the location is Japan. It's strange the story was interesting but many people died. I don't like such a kind of story.


This is fairly original concept with angst, death, dangerous secrets and spunky girls. I'd say this is a good start.


Sort of like Jet Li's The One ... kind of.

Club Notes

Review Date: March 8 2009

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