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Kamisama Kazoku

Samataro Kamiyama is the envy of his classmates. He always gets the best seat in class, never has detention, and his best friend is both sweet and pretty. He's also surrounded by his loving family, gorgeous older sister and adorable younger one...but hey, that's just what life is like when you're the son of a god! It's always clear sailing, never a cloud in the sky...and poor Samataro is bored to tears. How can he ever learn to be a god if he can't make it on his own as a human first? It's the last straw when his divine parents take their intervention a little too far...but can he really survive a normal life, free of miracles and magic?
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Alternative Names: God family
Author: KUWASHIMA Yoshikazu
Artist: TaPari
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Supernatural
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted form light novel, Kamisama Kazoku. Adapted into the anime series, Kamisama Kazoku.


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