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Kabuki Vol 1: Flower

Kounosuke’s life as an elite warrior is over! He’s mysteriously traveled through time to an era far, far away from the sacred realm he once called home...and his trusty page Kageya is nowhere to be found. As Kounosuke desperately tries to piece together his shattered past, who should appear but the devoted Kageya...actually, THREE of them! Kounosuke must ignore his lingering doubts and decide which man is truly the embodiment of his brave lover...before the window of opportunity closes forever.
from June
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Alternative Names: Kabuki - Hana no Shou, Kabuki Volume 1: Flower, Kabuki Volume 2: Red
Author: HASHIDA Yukari
Genre: Historical, Romance, Shounen Ai, Yaoi
Kabuki series of historical Yaoi stories. Volume 1: Flower, Volume 2: Red, Volume 3: Moon, Volume 4, Volume 5.


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