Area88 - 2004

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Area 88 - 2004

"Shin ... are you still flying?"

For Shin Kazama, Area 88 is a place for him to fly and forget. For Makoto Shinjou, to take a picture that only he can take.

"Both of our names are written with the (Kanji) character 'shin' of 'shashin'(photograph), mine read 'Makoto,' yours read 'Shin'(true).

"If your fire button was a shutter you'd win a Pulitzer Prize for sure." "If your shutter had been the trigger of a machine gun, you might have shot me down."

For the two, they share same kanji, the same nationality the same area ... Area 88.

"Only the (kanji) reading of their names are different but they are completely different people."

So they think....


Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Military



"story & character development are as good as in the '79 anime. the main differences is in production values which much improved in this updated version."


"It's interesting as a remake with better animation but I have trouble seeing the point of it."


"Boring~! Mind that my general opinion of series wherein more attention is paid to minute technical detail than characters. Ew! mech-type. The vague slashyness at least amused me, as did the linguistic note. Otherwise, blah."


"Awesome! Wonderful! This was great stuff. I loved the vintage style of the character designs and the action was great. Enjoyable, intriguing characters and fantastic CG make this series a treat. I especially enjoyed the background music, it been too long since I've heard J-pop in a new anime series."


"Ehh... didn't relay catch my attention."


"The music was wonderful and very appropriate t the scene. I loved all of the characters -- they are each deep & their voice actors were quite professional. -Koyasu is Shin? Animation was excellent (Including CG) & story is great. I'll definitely want to see more."

Ultra Rob

"The comic, animated, a little dull but not bad. This is not as good as the comic, but then the comic didn't have PDR music."


"This was really cool! I love combat scenes and anything that has to do with strategy. The music was awesome as well. Very well composed. I must see more!"


"Good action if you're into lots of action in your anime. I found that it kind of stared slow but got better towards the end."


"Excellent stuff. I'm not much of an action person but I did enjoy this. (Probably because a couple of my favorite voice actors are in it.)"

Michael Eh?

"I found the CG work in this a little on the 'lazy' side. Some of the detail on some aircraft was good but others were poor. Problem of using stock 3D models of various quality and 3D renderer. Movement seemed off which lack of realism. Frankly a 'hack' way of animating aerocombat. What made the 3D sequences work was the SHARP editing of scenes without being hyper fast as in American films of this type. This sets apart that there is no traditional first episode intros of characters. You're left to judge that on your own. The techno-take of one of Bach's famous fugue as the opening was 70-80ish but totally rocked. 'Rock me Amadaues!'"

Club Notes

This was one show which please the entire group at the time.

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