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Spiral - Bonds of Reasoning

"I'm going to uncover the mystery of the Blade Children."
World-class detective Kiyotaka Narumi's last words prior to his sudden disappearance continue to haunt his younger brother, Ayumu. The cheeky tenth-grader becomes further embroiled in the mystery when he is mistaken for the prime suspect in a murder at his school. Led by Ayumu's sister-in-law, Kiyotaka's wife and fellow detective, Madoka, the investigation into the murder gives Ayumu a chance to clear his name. But in doing so, he not only uncovers ties to the Blade Children but also more questions than answers about who and what they are.
from Yen Press
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Alternative Names: Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna, Spiral, Spiral ~ Lines of Reasoning
Artist: MIZUNO Eita
Genre: Detective, Drama, Mystery, Romance, School Life
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted into an anime series, Spiral - Bonds of Reasoning.



....EEEEEEE!!!! I SOOOOOO WANNA GLOMP NARUMI AYUMU!!!!(but I won't..) soooooo cuuuute.... looks like a mini Dark, you know from DN Angel? and with earrings he'd be a combination of Miroku(InuYasha) and Dark *giggles... cough* annnnnnyways.... now that thats out of my system.... *grins* I actually really enjoyed this manga, the plot and characters always seem to 'keep you on your feet' and the mysteries get bigger as you read. I find the art very well done, and the author (in my opinion) did a great job with the plot and having it develop as you go along. I did run into a few places were I became a little lost, but overall this is a great manga. It is one of the few manga you will find on my recommended reading list that would be enjoyable for someone of any age.

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