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RAY the Animation

Ray grew up on a farm, one that breeds and raises people as living, breathing organ donors. As a donor herself, Ray had her eyes taken away from her, but was given the gift of sight by a stranger. Ray`s new sight, however, was far from ordinary. She was given x-ray vision. We meet Ray ten years later, now off the farm, working as a nurse and an underground medical doctor performing procedures for profit. A chance encounter with an old friend triggers Ray`s memories of her difficult childhood, which inspires her to try to find the donor farm on which she was raised.
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Genre: Action, Drama, Medical, Mystery, Science Fiction
Demographic: Seinen
Based on a manga, RAY by Yoshitomi Akihito.



"I found this series to start well and it kept me interested. I hope to see the whole thing."


"The concept of the anime was fairly original, a surgeon with x-ray vision. Pros - The character, specifically Ray, seemed have back story to them which gave another level of interest. Cons - The fight scene seemed out of place. Many focus on the surgery would be an improvement."


"A nice series. Definitely one to watch if you a fan of Black Jack."


"Interesting story line with style and of course, some fan service."


"even more wild and woolly than black jack. it's keeper."


"So where would a cute lady doctor with X-ray vision work but a t a hospital with a bunch of semi-pacifist kung fu nurses, run by an administrator channelling at least three different pirates. But she really needs to have more fun. I love to see her get ravished by the nurse with the Mickey Mouse hair."

Der Blave Soldat

"Interesting. I would have never thought that x-ray vision would e such a good tool n the medical world. I liked the first episode. I would need to see more to determine IF it's a good series."

Michael Eh?

"Most medical dramas are boring melodramas of patients and staff. This series avoids these pitfalls. There are those who even disliked Black Jack series liked this first episode. I think that fansubbers adding a medical dictionary of terms at the beginning of the sub help with understanding the dialogue. Something those who license this anime should STRONGLY consider doing for their release."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2006

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