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PlanetES Volume 1

Haunted by a space flight accident that claimed the life of his beloved wife, Yuri finds himself six years later as part of a team of debris cleaners on a vessel called the Toy Box charged with clearing space junk from space flight paths. The team consists of Hachimaki, a hot shot debris-man with a sailor's affinity for the orbital ocean; Fee, a chain-smoking tomboy beauty with an abrasive edge; and Pops, a veteran orbital mechanic whose avuncular presence soothes the stress of the job.
Planetes follows the lives of Yuri and his fellow debris-men as they work and ruminate at the edge of the great empyrean sea.
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Author: YUKIMURA Makoto
Genre: Drama, Psychological, Science Fiction, Slice of Life
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted into the anime, PlanetES.


Michael Eh?

The book is radically different from the anime to the point that it is hardly reconizeable. The manga is a far better representation since it deals more with the characters only glanced over in the anime and gives them depth.

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