Mushishi Zoku Shou

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Mushishi Zoku Shou

They exist in the most unexpected places -- be it within your eyes and ears, under the floor and roof of your house, or the trees and flowers in your garden. They are everywhere and yet nowhere at the same time. Are they alive or not? Perhaps it is more apt to say they are beings who transcend the concept of life and death itself...

They are mushi.

Some wreak havoc in the lives of humans; while others bring them deliverance from suffering. Mushi are neither good, nor evil; for just like any other creature, they are merely striving to survive in this harsh, competitive world.

Ginko - a lone wanderer with a reclusive personality, offers help and guidance to those plagued by mushi. This is the tale of his travels and exploits in a wondrous world populated by these mysterious entities.
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Alternative Names: Mushishi 2, Mushishi: The Next Chapter
Genre: Detective, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural
Demographic: Seinen
Adaped from the manga, Mushishi - Manga. Also adapted into anime, Mushishi and Mushishi Zoku Shou 2.



Mushi-shi is most definitely not a fast paced nor action packed series so the younger crowd will proberly want to stay away. But for those who have seen the first season this one definitely has the same feel as the 2004 series.

Michael Eh?

Much refreshing to have this series back. As awesome the first Mushishi series was when we reviewed in 2004, it's like meeting up with an old old friend and picking up where we left off after all those years. The gorgeous Studio Ghibli inspired backgrounds, the slow purposeful plot and dialogue. The only disappointment was it took a decade for season 2 to finally come out.


slow-paced & introspective. if you're looking for a change of pace...

Club Notes

Date Reviewed: June 8, 2014

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