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Three girls; Rin, Ritsu and Rina; who fight with weird entities nicknamed "mushi" (bugs) and survive in a world of red fog.

Trois filles; Rin, Ritsu et Rina; qui se battent avec des entités étranges surnommées "mushi" (insectes) et survivent dans un monde de brouillard rouge.
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Genre: Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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This seems to really be starting from square one as far setting and characterisation go. I find I like that because the characters know very little or nothing more than I do (within the show). So there won't, or shouldn't be, any mysterious conversations about stuff they understand that's only intended to confuse us; I'd like to watch this two or three more times, at least.


I'm not sure what to make of this. I guess it's some sort of post-apocalyptic world, but there's no real explanation of what is going on. I guess the plot is decent enough, although the quality of the animation seems sub-par. Not only can you see the CGI style, but at times it looks like the resolution drops. I guess it might be interesting enough to go the 3 episode rule on this, just to see where it goes, but it's pretty middle of the road to me.

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