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Cutie Honey the Live

Cutie Honey The live pits two mysterious organizations. One that creates biological human weapons for export and for sport (the game). The other is more mysterious is a group that has not just created Cutie Honey but also two other 'Honey' cybords with different styles of fighting.


Genre: Live Action, Action, Ecchi
This production marks the 40th anniversary of the manga.


Lord of Acarina

it was quite different from any other live action I have ever seen. it was quite funny if not korny.

Michael Eh?

As cheesey as this show may seem it shares alot of the charm of the original series that started the magical transformation scene which are now cliche. It is refreshing that they changed this to a real time transformation in midst of the action. Once again, Cutie honey sets the standard. The real change was getting the same people who did Kamen Rider 555 to do this series. A real production upgrade of an old standby anime.


udderly without shame


I haven't seen another version of this so I can't compare but the combination of live action and a pretty dark plot undercut the anime origins. So it just looks like a bad detective show with the parts that were silly just seeming kind of stupid. The combat sequences weren't the worse I've ever seen but they were in the same neighbourhood.
It would be good if they develop Honey as a character but not if she's just a gimmick they pull out for fight sequences.

Club Notes

Review Date: December 18, 2007

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