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February 10, 2006
Well, working with WordPress was easy. Sad to say that this spells an end to news section of the site. It was and is still one of the top ten entry URLs on this site but always a pain to update. I've yet to integrate http://blog.animelondon.ca/ or http://www.animelondon.ca/blog/ into the site menus since that would take a lot of changes. I might use redirection to make sure people see the changes. I've already added an events calendar onto the blog.  Expect more tweaking as I try to see how much I can integrate the blogging software to the rest of the website.

Other news, apparently a British convention is using the name 'Anime London' to redirect people to their con overseas.  Please remember it's http://www.animelondon.ca/. I've already sent an email to see if something can't be worked out. It looks like a good con. Too bad it's half a world away and on the same time as Anime North.
Side note:  Someone else has decided to highjack Anime North's name for some online store.
Remember it's http://www.animenorth.com/ for the correct URL.

February 1, 2006
Well, if trying to do too many things at once wasn't bad enough.  I picked up an issue of PC Format with blogging software. Just looking but everyone loves a blog. I look at the possibilities and the headaches. Nothing here that can't be found here in this page though a bit automated. I yet to determine if the software can be configured to one section or formats the entire site. Most of what I read says entire site.  Check out WordPress to see what I'm talking about.
I dug out my Power Power CCG game deck. I was planning an article on this cute nekomimi card game for ages. Unfortunely it's 8 years old and POPLS no longer supports in on their webpage. Still I've scanned the deck at LOW resolution and looking for a way to display each card and info when the cursor passes over it. Some of the artwork was done by TRUMP which is one the guest 4 koma artists.

January 25, 2006
Things progress slowly as usual. Largely due to painting and new flooring being put into my place. Still making progress with the mobile browser friendly version of this site though I'm still trying to learn the quirks of XHTML and style sheets. Still haven't got the WML version of the site online though the html version is working.  I'll post the links once both are working.  Why have a mobile browser version of the site even it means doing everything couple of times over? Simply for experience and presence on the web. What I'm learning about XHTML, XML, WML and what other stuff helps improve the site overall. It's beats being complacent.
January 3, 2006
I've started with news for some format changes. Not much other than getting rid of use of tables to format the page. Instead of the complete overhaul which would take months, I will be just reformatting new pages or pages updated like 'news'. Also I'll try to make the pages a little more linear in navigation.  As mentioned I have been playing around with formatting the website for cell phone browsing.  Also I will have a BLOG section which I plan to update directly from my cell phone right from the con this year. It will also be a soap box for certain topics and rants.
Also I'm finally getting into 'podcasting' in the form of an audio drama of my own creation.

December 15, 2005
I'll be trying some style changes to the website as well as adding mobile browser friendly version in the new year.
Sadly due to Library Administration decision, Anime London website has been taken off the London Public Libraries website.  Reason was material from 3rd party sites was deemed unfit for Teens. While  I never 'ASKED' to be included on London Public Library's website, I made the offer to remove or 'delink' any offensive or obsolete sites. Instead admin. decided just to cut us instead than give important details on which sites were the cause. It doesn't help a webmaster to leave no feedback.
I have no bitter feelings on this.  I appreciated the link as I always tried to a relevant 'anime' site with content as is. I still continue to support Teen Librarian by handing over contacts and resources to make her job easier to delivery a quality and informed program on anime and manga.  I've found that is better to 'educate' on what 'anime' really is and not allow 'hearsay' to judge a culture.
I encourage you out there to also support LPL getting more anime and manga as it would benefit the anime community as a whole.

December 15, 2005
What could go wrong?  WELL... with chronic router problems, Databits decided to move the server to more stable location. Well that was the plan.  Of course, problems with originating server only hampered the transfer of the site over to the new box. With the problems I couldn't update. Still there ae things to fix but hopefully we'll be here online more often.  As for what is next for Anime London is the question as I dig into podcasting and another application which will make waiting for convention reports a thing of the past.

November 26, 2005
Con no Baka ended suddenly Saturday evening for whatever the reason. I still had a good time in spite of it all. Meeting people from Windsor and Winnipeg.  How this event will affect other cons in upcoming year?  That is a good question.

November 25, 2005
I'm not always the last to know but I found out Con no Baka was on this weekend. Even though I have a cold, I will be making it Saturday, I hope. Also on Saturday, London Public Libraries will be opening a TEEN ZONE on their website with stuff about anime, manga and graphic novels. Also the links section will include our website. Check the Entertainment section. ;)

November 24, 2005
Stores link is once again available from the front page. No date yet set for Christmas party this year. The video projector project is dead since it will be leaving sometime. Another project I have been working on, is a podcast for Anime London website. While progress is slow as I work out the technical details. Target date is for beginning of March for this section.

November 14, 2005 - Big Screen Big Deal
With some spare time, I manage with permission to get the large tube video projector of Cinema Subterrian's working. Though there is still some issues with the projector. Part way through one show, the focus would blur then a couple of minutes later stablize. It was enough to abandon the projector for the regular TV as members crowded around my small portable LCD screen. It's not the end of the projector but it means some more work and replacing one of the connectors on the back. It was disappointing but it help kill some time and brought back some of my electronic and trouble shooting skills.
Hopefully I'll have things fixed in the future.

October 15, 2005 - A Real Treat
I usually don't write about my non-anime trips but this time it turned into one. Most times I there for cheap media as mentioned Computer Alley. I stopped into various comic stores as well like 3rd Quadrant on Queens St W for any more info on upcoming Festival of Sequential Arts (see calendar for details).

There was a flyer on manga-comic event  hosted by The Beguiling and Toronto Public Library. Since I already had planned to go to Metro Miniature show at JCCC, it got to be a busy transit day. I quickly hit College street stores and made some purchases then headed up to JCCC to catch the show and miniSquare (Smallest bento). There was some stuff I found for upcoming bento OTAKU article. I raced back downtown to Bathurst Station to catch the very last of 'Triple Treat.'

Adrian Alphona
Ken Siu-Chung
Udon Comics
Svetlana Chmakova

Arriving too fashionably late, I did manage to snag a sketch from Ken Siu-Chung.

I knew Svetlana Chmakova from a friend who discovered her work years ago. When asked if both herself and Ken would be open to coming to London to a similar event at London Public Library.  They both though it was a great idea depending on the time of year. With more libraries both public and school boards buying manga to attract readers, I expect events like this one to become more and more popular. For me it was a real triple treat, media, miniatures and manga. Check out www.torontocomics.com for more future details in the Toronto area.

Sept 29, 2005 - Wear your website with pride?
t seems that there is always something to fix on this website. The problem is finding the time to fix it. Recently I went to Toronto's Infamous Computer Alley, aka Spadina and College St heading west. You can't go 2 doors down and not hit a computer store so it seems. It also means spending the afternoon and a few dollars on tech stuff. One of those things was a 256M USB flash drive. Since the webspace is suppose to be 250 megs, I figure I had enough space on the flash. Nope. The website is over 256M but that doesn't mean I have to put the site on a diet. I also got a 512M USB flash drive for really cheap which I was planning to load DSL (linux) onto it.  Both come with a handy detachable neck strap.

What this does mean that I can edit and add to the site in break time. It's alot easier to access than CDRWs whcih I have been using. Some of the stuff I been wanting to edit is simplify the 'bentoOtaku' area to directory of just 'bento'. The name of the section will remain though I've long wanted to add 'Project'. Project would cover making things like displaying PVC anime figs, with backgrounds. One project is tea house with various characters meant for a shelf display. While the other articles are self contained, Project will be 'work in progress' with update articles and such. Hopefully, you will get some ideas for making things yourself with 'bento project.'

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