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Anime Myth – Blow Me Up the Moon

As in Aldnoah.Zero and Assassination Classroom, the moon has it’s long standing in anime as something that gets blown up LOTS of time.   In truth, the moon is simply TOO big to be blown up or easily destroyed. In a … Continue reading

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Augment Reality for Otaku – Cyber Maid Alice

Been reading up on Augment Reality or AR for short. It’s a field where science fiction meets reality. The latest is from Japan, Cyber Maid Alice. With a webcam and some paper cubes, you can manipulate a virtual doll and … Continue reading

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Yuki Nagato papercraft

I manage to download the Yuki Nagato papercraft from the Imperishable Night blog before both the file and the blog dissapeared.  Yuki Nagato is the 3 year old alien construct from show, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Yuki Nagato papercraft … Continue reading

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The Dolls of London

Even though I cancelled the Cosplay Skate, I decided to dust off my old pair of skates and head down to the Covent Garden Market rink away. My music was from a CD player and pair of PC speakers I … Continue reading

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End of bentoOTAKU

I’ve finished completing the translations of original bentoOTAKU html pages over to blog posts. While I still have work to do in redirecting every html page over to the new reality, I left some resemblance of the original pages up … Continue reading

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End of the line for bento?

It was over two years ago I started the bento OTAKU section on Anime London. The intent was to bring snippets of Japanese culture and other tidbits that were sent to me by a friend in Japan. It was always … Continue reading

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Why not here?

So it seems someone has setup a maid cafe in the wilds of Scarbaorough by Pacific Mall. Has anyone been to this place? iMaid Café 1883 McNicoll Ave. (at Kennedy Rd.), Units 20 to 22, 416-335-6243, Toronto Star ARTICLE … Continue reading

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New meaning of Food Drives

As weird as it looks, someone has come up with USB flash keys in your favorite Asian foods. This only begs to say when some otaku will eat one of these flash drives or more likely try plugging real food … Continue reading

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Care Package from Japan

It’s been awhile since my friend and mylsef have traded gifts from our culture. Surprisingly it seems we both have the same problem of finding soveniers from our respective countries that isn’t Made in China. 🙂 It might surprise alot … Continue reading

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Making Shoji – The book

Well I not only manage to pick up the extra camcorder battery I ordered but also the book I ordered at Chapters, Making Shoji by Toshio Odate. The book has lots of pictures and annidotes of Toshio Odate apprenticeship. I’ve … Continue reading

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