2017 – A New Year … we hope

Japan NYE 2017

It goes without saying 2016 was a year we all won’t miss. I doubt 2017 will be any better but we can hope. This year we saw a large departure of celebrities in 2016.  A trend I doubt we’ll see ease in 2017.  We’re not losing an aging actor or musician… we’re losing a generation of trailblazers who pioneered a new medium. As heartbreaking as it is, it is no different than those who faced similar loses in 2016 with the exception they weren’t famous.

“We’re not losing an aging actor or musician… we’re losing a generation of trailblazers who pioneered a new medium.”

Some new shows and new seasons to shows that were popular are returning. 2017 is looking good in that direction. So what is in store for this site and anime in general for 2017?

Return to the cons

In 2016, I manage to get to many conventions and 2017 will be no different. I was hoping to go to Otakuthon in Montreal but work scheduling trashed my plans. I spent the weekend at Anime North last year.  2017 doesn’t look good with PC leadership convention being held RIGHT beside Anime North. I worry that trouble makers from the states trying to highjack the convention but worry more of having some narrow minded politicians near so many youth.  We can ignore them but anime fans are hard to ignore with the costumes.

I have been investing in smaller more portable gear to take and edit on the fly pictures and video.  Dragging 30 pounds of gear in 30 degree weather was brutal three days at Anime North. Testing Sony Action cams to record events like masquerade with 3 cameras. It will only be the case of trying out the new gear but I will need to find a lighter replacement for my camcorder.

What is in store for the website?

I’ve been hanging out with game devs regularly and looking into ways to use gaming as a means of story telling. In particular, VR (Virtual Reality) is a possibility with Mozzilla’s A-Frame engine. Nothing definite but I’m looking into it.

Forums or Chat Rooms?

With a new server, the real possibility of the return of forums or something new, chat rooms.  If I go with either one, it will require people to use some social media account to login.  There will be NO user registrations. It’s to protect against trolls and spammers.  What do you think?  Is forums dated?

What ever the future holds we will keep on … keep the faith … don’t let the news drag you down!  If anything…

“If 2017 is going to be AWESOME than it’s because you, the fans, made it AWESOME!”

Happy New Year fandom!!!

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