Gotta Catch Them All? – Not without a ticket off continent


Pokemon GO is out in Canada and still pending in Japan the birthplace of Pokemon franchise but if you’re looking to catch ’em all, think again.

There is pokemon in Pokemon GO that only be caught OFF continent.  Tauros is only available in North America while Mr. Mime is found in Europe.  Farfetch’d is ony found in Asia while Kangaskhan is only in Austrailia.  No doubt when Africa, Central and South America are added, there will be exclusives for those continents.


With this chart (as there is many) there is a few that could go to those places like Ditto. Still it might be good for Canadian players to start making ties with friends over seas for trading those regional exclusives.  With over 720 pokemon, very country, province, state and territory could have their own exclusive Pokemon.

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