More testing with Sony Action Cam HDR-AS20

Test of using a cheap $5 USB charger proved more than worth it.  Previously I got a mere 2 hours and 22 minutes.  With the USB battery pack, the camera actually filled up the 32 gig microSD with over 4 hours of junk footage.  In total, I got 5 hours and 11 minutes of recording time before the camera battery finally gave out.  More than twice what buying a second battery at $70 or off market battery at $40. With a larger USB battery pack and larger memory card I  could go all day recording.  Well past the 3 hours I would need for recording a masquerade. Now if I could just get a camera mount that would allow access to USB port of the camera but I’m looking at both commercial and 3D printed cases that will allow acess.  The sound quality wasn’t there for in case test and I’ve yet to check the audio quality for the out of camera test.

Not to mention a second action cam or three for multi-camera shoots. Off to test tonight video recording the Canada Day fireworks. =)


I tested the ActionCam out with tripod with steady option turned off. It’s sitting on a tripod so no point. The re-encode on my tablet PC was another story. I stopped off for food on the way back so I didn’t get to caption and re-encode to uploadable size. 2.2 gig file got crunched down to 500M which isn’t bad considering it’s 18 mintes long. Uploaded to Facebook…

The sound is crappy because of the location and the camcorder was in the waterproof case it comes with. The test with the ActionCam out of case had good audio so I’m going to have to invest in some sort of new case, either bought or made that allows free access to the camcorder

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