Fan Expo – a Short Con Report

Fan Expo

Doing Fan Expo in one day is a feat that NO one person can do, even me. It means getting up at 2am to catch a bus that got to London at 4am. I spent most of my day is South Hall dealer’s room and Artist Alley.

Gaming wasn’t as big as past years. I’ll cover this in another post.  Only two things that stood out for me was Sony’s Project Morpheus and Big Blue Bubble’s Dawn of Fire which was present in both the North and South Halls.

I did manage to get spend  latter part of the day in the North Hall.  The Horror section seemed a former image of itself though some usual exhibitors were there.  The rest of the area lost from horror and cosplay was given to “Community” area.  I did manage to speak briefly to Eric Vale aka E. Vale.  The voice of Luffy had some “interesting Tshirts for sale.

I get a chance to talk briefly to the great Wes Craven.  I manage to stump him with one single question…

Me:    “What is the World’s greatest monster?”

Wes:  “Gee, I have had no one ever ask me that question.  I don’t know”

Me:   “I have one answer …. Man.”

Wes: “I’m going to have remember that one.”

This year, in increasing numbers, cosplayers had their own cards.  Hoping to make a name for themselves.

People left early which is when I headed back to the South Hall for one last gasp of photos and vain attempt to pick up something else.  I headed out to meet up with friends and dinner then the long ride home and finally bed at 3am in the morning after backing up my photos from my camera, phone and tablet.

More to come…

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