Kitchener Comic Con – the Final and Finest Hour

Once again my hats off to staff of Kitchener Comic Con for a great event. Tried NEW things.  Some of which worked and NOT worked.  The iPhone I was recently given worked wonderfully. The Fuji T410 did not… in fact, it died all together, non responsive to even turning on. So much for refurbished equipment.  Disappointing but I’ll have to let a friend who repaired cameras in past have a look.

The wifi at Kitchener City Hall was WONDERFUL.  It allowed me to stream many videos to Vine, Keek, Instagram, tumblr, facebook and other platforms. Each in turn, tweeting the results. The video app, FLY was awesome … until I tried to post a second video which it stop working with pay-to-use and fail to even save the clips I had taken. I will be looking at other apps but the one video I did produced was nice. You can check out the Vine of plushies at

I didn’t get most of what I wanted to capture but captured lots of pictures and videos. Which I will try to get up as soon as possible by the next day. Picture galleries on facebook, Pinterest, and on our own website at

See you Kitchener Comic Con NEXT year. #KitchenerCon2016 =)

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