Another Year Another Rebuild

Once again, it’s the season of conventions and another crack at revamping the look and feel of the cosplay section.  This year’s rebuild is BIG. We’ll be moving galleries and directories to a simple format to have ONE directory for each convention instead of each year. Galleries will also be effected as they will all be under one roof.

Also we’re totally rebuilding the pages using Zurb’s Foundation which is responsive to new devices out there.  Considering alot of the old code is as old as the website itself, it’s time for a total overhaul.  The real problem will be the galleries themselves. Running an old gallery program which hasn’t been updated since 2006, we’re looking for new format which photos can be updated without having to hard code galleries.  Also adding the ability to share photos straight from our website to Pinterest and other sites coming.

Nothing is changing at the moment as we’re testing things before going live. Stand by.

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