Cosplay Know How – Pattern Drafting

As cosplay attendees we’ve all experienced this before. A panel reads so good in the program but it falls short of its promise, you know more than the presenter, or the presenter doesn’t even bother to show. There are few, I can personally count on one hand, were a panel blew me away with its awesomeness. Friday night at Conbravo 2014, I experienced awesomeness to the max by attending Lee Scion’s Pattern Drafting and Alteration 101.

I actually left with a headache because my brain was so full of tips and techniques. While it said 101 this truly was for the costumer who has experience in construction; I think a total novice would have been intimidated by the amount of detail Lee used in her presentation. However, that should be used that to inspire greater cosplay and transfer over into better tailored real world garments.

Another benefit from this panel was a boost in confidence in possibly signing up for workmanship judging and masquerade participation. From personal experience there have been a few judges who dismiss cosplay efforts when they are told that it started from a commercial pattern even if the customization is extensive; but, now I feel I have the starting blocks to attempt original patterns and see results in the competitions.

Lee made the panel a success. If you ever see this listed at another con, get there and have your pen and paper ready to take notes, you won’t regret it.

Lee Scion


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