Con Bravo 2014 – Friday

Manage to get a ride and media pass for myself and my driver to ConBravo Friday. With hopes of getting a new camera JUST in time for the event dashed. Fuji doesn’t sell battery chargers with their cameras. 🙁

Hamilton Convention Centre is getting to feel like home since so many events lately being there or nearby. After getting our media passes for 3rd year in a row, I hit the floors while Derekica covered the panels. The gaming room was less crowded as the game developers were in the dealers room.  There was less arcade machines this year but still present. The real treat was Microsoft in force with Surface gaming area.

I was surprised to see Surface was able to run stuff usually only found on console or HIGH end gaming PCs.  While Con Bravo staff was still getting the network up and running Friday, it was still impressive that Microsoft came out in force for Con Bravo. Also sweet was a picture that I put on  Instagram won me a travel mug when Reddit Microsoft picked up on the tweet.

Speaking of which was Hamilton Convention Centre opened up their wifi for ConBravo.  Without it, I couldn’t have done some LIVE coverage on Vine, Keek, Instagram. twitter. I give FULL marks for this which helps both the ConBravo and Convention Centre.

For the dealer’s room, the number of authors with tables this year was impressive.  I ended up buying King of Fighters Maximun Impact for PS2.

Our galleries for this year are up on Facebook and online here. In coming days, we’ll post our photos on Pinterest, WeHeartIt, tumblrtwitter and other media sites.  We are looking forward to Fall ConBravo Fanfare Geekfest coming in November. So stay tuned for more this year.  If anything #BlameMarkTjan for such a GREAT Con Bravo this year.

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