Pinterest – Over 500!



It was almost that today Pinterest following peeked over 500 mark. It was sitting at 480 around 1 pm EST then 497 at 3:15 pm EST.  6 pm saw the followers at amazing 515 with 7 pm refreshed to 523.   What the HECK?!  Where is this growth of over 200+ followers coming from? Would you believe the one board pushed up from our following at 287 to 523 SO quickly?

That board is ConBravo FanFare Geekfest 2014.

Of course, having Manga List -Yaoi and Anime – Spring 2014 boards has increased our gradual growth. Just our first con of the 2014 has skyrocketed Pinterest interest faster than a Team Rocket defeat.  It’s turning into that Pinterest could eclispe every other social media following combined.  I would like to thank the fans of Con Bravo and please pin your photos from Fanfare Geekfest on Pinterest so I can repin them.

Once again thank you.

Since this post, we’ve climbed to 660 followers and looks like no sign of slowing down. 🙂

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