Spring is Here! Finally…

Well winter has finally left us but we’ve still been busy preparing for new season of shows starting in April.  With a new season, a change in direction.  Not only are there wiki entries for each show but we’re also active on social media.


Pinterest has been a boom for AnimeLondon. Not only have we’ve been adding cosplay galleries and our manga listings to Pinterest but also new shows… with Promotional Videos (PVs) so you can also watch and see what the new shows will look like.  Plus we added our reading list of the mangas and light novels which some of the shows are based on.


With Pinterest, we also at the same time been posting the same content on tumblr. When wwe started out, we had little following on tumblr but that has grown since we started posting the upcoming season of shows. In fact, due to responses from some posts, we’ll be reviewing some shows, we maybe would have passed on.  Once again we posted PVs of new shows on tumblr as well as the manga and light novel books.  Not only that but tumblr also allowed us to tweet each post via twitter with customise posts

There and Back Again…

While posting on Pinterest and tumblr is fine and will get people to view our content on our wiki, it can also promote our tumblr and Pinterest accounts.  After the posting on social media is done, we added links to our content on tumblr and Pinterest into each wiki entry so those Googling for the new shows can then follow us on tumblr and Pinterest.

Alot of work but hopefully alot to gain from reciplical postings.  Social media pointing to the content with the content pointing back to the social media.  With the success of last season of adding Facebook connection there is alot more to like than just Facebook.   While there is spill over with social media that some Facebook users have Pinterest and/or tumblr accounts but not all of our Facebook followers do and hopefully we’ll gain new followers through this season’s interactions.

So follow the new season with us…

on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/AnimeLondon

on Pinterst  http://www.pinterest.com/animelondon/anime-spring-2014/

on tumblr http://animelondon.tumblr.com/

on twitter … http://twitter.com/AnimeLondon

and finally connecting it all together.. our wiki … http://www.animelondon.ca/wiki/Anime_Shows_-_Spring_2014

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