Con Bravo … the Sunday after

Well we survived another Con Bravo. We being author, Derekica Snake, her sister, myself and Boviewan, our new contributor and contributor to Death’s Door Prod.   We thought it would be a simple task of driving out of the parking garage then pickup Boviewan.  No luck with Hamilton’s infamous one way streets.  After passing the convention center for nth time, we stopped the car and I ran back to get Boviewan.  For all intents, we might not be able to loop back for another half an hour. =(

We got back good time but with night schedule and unexpected rerouting of buses due to Rock the Park, it was 11pm for me. I tried vainly to get the pictures process but long day took it’s toll.

All told, just over 500 pictures and videos were taken by myself and some 50 photos by Boviewan.  I’ll be processing the photos today and con report via blog later. Until then, you can browse last years pictures on our page for everything Con Bravo at

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