Niagara Falls ComicCon 2013

Once again, a offer of a ride to a event I’ve never been and press pass will get me far. I haven’t been to Niagara Falls since my high school bus trip. In all, it was a trip worth taking.

One of the things that impressed me that NFCC felt like the cons  that use to be a decade ago.  What was impressive was the families cosplaying as a group, either as a theme or each  with their own style.


I love the tribute to The Munsters which had incredible detail.  Also it’s always fun to see parents who dress up their kids but this Mini Leia wasn’t going to just pose as directed by mom. Instead after looking through my pictures I found she was more than posing but acted out her emotions. =)

Adventures of Mini Leia

Drats… Darth Vader.. um…Death Star plans… …can I have a cookie…

Superman and a super man, Colin Chilvers

Had a chance to talk with award winning Special Effects director, Colin Chilvers. I had asked “Given that the effect techology has gotten more cheaper, had he seen any amatuers  that caught his eye.”   While he didn’t have an answer for that, he did mention that the new HD 3D cameras were “simply beautiful”.

Didn’t get the chance to ask Adam West who plays himself as the mayor of town of Quahog, Rhode Island on Family Guy.  I wanted to ask his thoughts on the current crisis of Toronto’s own mayor but he wasn’t taking any questions.

Still enjoyed the con and hope to get the chance to go again next year.  You can checked our photos on facebook or here, with less watermarks.  Plan to post also on Pinterest and other social media sites.  Also check Niagara Falls ComicCon own website.

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