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Christmas Greetings from a friend

I must admit that the forum with all the work that is involved has turned out a blessing with the those who frequent it. One noticeable member sent us a Christmas Greeting which I sharing. Thanks Risu-chan! 🙂

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Merry Christmas Eh?

Well Christmas is two days away and …. I could hardly care? I guess I’ve seen far too many Christmas to get worked up over it. There is no tree or presents per say in my apartment. Largely due to … Continue reading

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First Views – Cutie Honey the Live

While our Sunday meeting was a dismal turnout due to the storm, the makeup meeting Tuesday more than made up for it with a packed room and guest from Saunders Anime Club.  As our tradition, we kept to all new … Continue reading

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Memories of Nobody … Last meeting of the year

More like memories of nobody showing up for the last meeting of the year. I decided to watch some shows hoping someone would show up in the snow… but when I went up to check there was nobody but the … Continue reading

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December Toronto Anime Con 2007

Even though it cost me, This year’s December TAC was well worth the trip. Even though this year was a pay event, the crowds were larger than previous years … even when DTAC was free. Also everyone was so in … Continue reading

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Review – Wolf and Spice

Wolf and Spice I must admit I’m a sucker for a girl in wolf ears and tail. Or in this case, a demi-werewolf-goddess who convinces a travelling merchant to take her back to her birthplace. Set in the period of … Continue reading

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