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Good Grief – Update

Saturday I checked again and the water was still creeping in. Later that day, the water had made some advance to be worry of. I took out the shop vac this time and sucked up all the water I could. … Continue reading

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Good Friday – Good Grief!

Good Friday … Good Grief! I stopped in the check the Underground only to find it, under water! Yep! The annual thaw means the basement becomes a catch basin. By moving all the tables and chairs to one side, I … Continue reading

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Iron Tea Pots of Japan

This miniature Nambu Tetsu (tea pot) is made with the same method of sand casting in iron. Nambu (Currently Iwate Prefecture) during the Edo period. Today’s Nanbu Tetsu tea pots have enamel lined with wire mesh for straining tea leaves. … Continue reading

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Manga Jam – a new beginning

Another year has passed and another project to keep my already busy schedule even more hectic.Manga Jam was run by our lovely Amy for over a year with no results or promotion, Sadly the turnouts have been more no shows … Continue reading

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